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After an initial consultation, here is where we begin to unfold your story. I want to know your short-term and long-term goals and an overview of the issue/s we are trying to solve. Before the designs come to life it is very important that we dedicate time to this step to ensure that what we’re doing today will help achieve our goal, and more importantly, have a long-lasting impact on your brand.

2. Strategy

After identifying our goals it’s time to map out our path to success. How can we materialize ideas and convert them into measurable results? How can we achieve the birth or relaunch of this identity and position ourselves for longevity? These types of questions will be answered in this strategic portion of our exploration.

3. Objective

Now that we have our building blocks it’s time to infuse creativity into our strategy. Here’s where we repackage your information and tell your brand’s story from an intentional perspectiv. It will not only be beautiful, it will also be built with intention and purpose.

4. Deliver

After all deliverables have been finalized it’s time to hand them over to you. We will have a final meeting to discuss what was produced and a final run-through to ensure effective and cohesive usage moving forward.