SDX Interactive Day 2019

SDX Interactive Day 2019

Last month I went to my first SDX Interactive Day and can I just say, what an experience! I got to meet some amazingly creative people like Jen Tank from Brandless and Reva and Kimberly from Alfa Charlie. I also had the pleasure of hearing Oren Aks talk about his creative work for the infamous Fyre Festival, and John Goodwin, CD of Patagonia among many others. Over 35 speakers and 500 guests in attendance, SDX had an impressive lineup planned for the day. Here are some key Pro Tips I learned from the experts:

“The enemy of success is comfort.” - Michelle Poler, Keynote Speaker 100 Days Without Fear

“TRUTH. TRUST. TRANSPARENCY.” - Jen Tank, Head of Creative and Brand Strategy at Brandless

“Your values have value.” - Jen Tank on values as the pillar and core of Brandless

“Every Industrial Revolution encounters a shift, a disruption in its trajectory. AI is present and inevitable. ” - Michael Andrews of Salesforce on the inevitability of AI.

“The conversation doesn’t stop just because it goes silent. Shifting priorities do not mean it’s a failure” - John Goodwin, Creative Director of Patagonia

Currently contemplating….

What is your next growth move?

What’s the best that can happen?

There were so many insights and golden nuggets dropped that day and I’m grateful to have experienced it. Many thanks to Janitor for the opportunity! Rodrigo is an amazing designer and his studio provided the creative work for this year’s event! Definitely left inspired and beaming with motivation to keep the grind going everyday.